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The Alexander Technique was developed to help improve everyday life by emphasising awareness of body movement, including coordination and assisting in a persons overall feeling of well being.

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Who Can Benefit

People of all ages can benefit from the Alexander Technique which focuses on helping remove tension from your body and can benefit old and young alike and is widely used to help people in everyday life.

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When Can AT Help

AT can help in many areas, the focus in on a more relaxed and comfortable movement. Whether a stiff neck, strain from repetitive movement or sitting for lengthy periods, AT may be able to help you.

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Alexander Technique is also offered by some NHS trusts

Alexander Technique is also offered by some NHS trusts

In recent years some NHS trusts have started to offer Alexander technique lessons as part of their outpatient pain clinics. Ask your GP whether it's available through the NHS in your local area.

What the NHS Says

The Alexander Technique can assist in many areas.

The training can help transform the way you use your body in everyday life; improving posture, balance, reducing stress and making movement a pleasure.

Alexander Technique can help in everyday activities

Whether old of young, sporty or less so, we believe that the Alexander Technique can help you with movement as well as a general sense of well being.

Medical Schools/Hospitals & The Alexander Technique

The use of AT as a complimentary technique is today practiced at a number of renowned hospitals around the world including the Mayo Clinic.

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The Alexander Technique was named after an Australian Frederick Mathias Alexander, who lived between 1869 - 1955. He developed the technique initially helping actors and singers perform.

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